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Spyda offers a range of services related to ICT Support, IT infrastructure Design, System implementation (custom-development and packages), information architecture, website development, IT strategies and procurement.  Spyda is based in Canberra and works within both the public and private sectors since 1999. 

Spyda service offerings are described in more detail below.

ITC support

Our team provides maintenance and support for a number of small to medium scale organisations.  Typically we support networks that have fewer than 200 desktop users.  The networks that we support are usually ones that we have designed and implemented ourselves but this is not always the case.  At this stage, we have expertise in networks that are based on Microsoft technologies.

Spyda offers a lower cost alternative to the larger IT companies.  We are able to provide a level of on-site support that both meets our clients’ needs and still provides the level of service needed.  We are also able to perform ICT support and after hours support can be arranged. 

ICT Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Spyda has expertise in the design and implementation of small-scale IT networks.  We employ the most appropriate technologies for each client.  The majority of the networks we have implemented are based on Microsoft technologies.

Our approach to any type of infrastructure work is to first gain an understanding of the client’s business needs and budget and to identify how the IT equipment and network will be used and whether there are any external stakeholders or guidelines (e.g. Government) that need to be followed. 

We will design the most appropriate solution based on the gathered information with the ongoing ease and cost of maintenance taken into account.  We always seek to implement any new IT equipment with minimal disruption to the client business operations and will perform this work after hours if required.  We employ several checkpoints in any infrastructure project to ensure that no data is lost during a transition to new equipment.

ICT Strategy

Often an organisation will use ICT in its day-to-day operations but will not have an ICT Strategy for its business.  This is becoming more and more important for small to medium sized organisations as they need contain costs and need to meet legal and statutory requirements related to security and data retention.  The ICT Strategy is an enabler of these requirements and allows an organisation to have less disruptive and reduce costs.

IT Security Analysis

Today, more than ever before, organisations (Government or private sector) need to adhere to legal and statutory requirements related to IT security.   Spyda understands these requirements.  Our consultants have IT security expertise, specialising in Government requirements, and have assisted many of our clients to protect their networks and data.

IT Procurement

Spyda is able to assist our clients in the selection and procurement of IT hardware and software.  We have experience in turning complex business requirements into comprehensive Request for Tender/Proposal documentation and working with both suppliers and clients throughout the formal response and selection process.  Our assessment methodology follows a formal analytical approach.  We are also able to procure smaller IT items on behalf of our clients on an ‘as needed’ basis as Spyda is a reseller for a range of major hardware and software products.

Software Implementation

Software Implementation covers a range of individual activities that result in a successfully built or installed software application that is accepted by its users.   Spyda has built several software systems and our consultants have many combined years of experience across a range of systems implementation projects in a variety of industries and technologies.  Our methodology has been followed, and tailored to each project.  We have used Microsoft based technologies (MS .Net, SQL Server) in more recent projects. 

Web site Development

Our team has very strong skills in web site design and development.  We have performed this service for many years and have a many excellent success stories.  Our experience covers both the private and public sectors.

Spyda possesses both the technical ability and the business experience to understand the real needs of our clients.  We design Web sites employing, at a minimum, aspects of our Information Architecture service offering.  Our technical ability ensures that the quality of the web sites that we build is to the highest standards.

Contact Us

You can contact Spyda from Monday to Friday, between 8:30am and 5:30pm.

Email:  swContact @ Spyda.com.au

Web: www.spyda.com.au

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